The Poem about me

Hi, I'm matees, and I love to code
I also enjoy biking, badminton, and trying new food on the go
Web development may not be my cup of tea
But I know it's important for my future, can't you see?
I lead a club at school and belong to a programming group
And I'm proud to be a Linux user, Windows be gone with a whoop
So that's a bit about me, keep scrolling to learn more
I hope you enjoy my profile, knock knock at my door!

My Programming Journey

At the age of eleven, in sixth grade
I discovered the world of code, a new frontier to invade
With Roblox Studio, I got my start
But then I paused, until eighth grade's restart
During the pandemic, I picked up the pace
Creating Minecraft plugins, a fun and creative space
I moved on to web development, and then to C and Rust
Now I love systems programming, it's a must
I create tools to make my life easier, it's true
Check out my work, I hope it appeals to you.

My Biking Journey

I'm not sure when I learned to ride a bike
But I got a ton of injuries, it wasn't easy, that's for sure
My cousin taught me and I fell a lot
But now I love to bike, it's one of my favorite things to do

Before daylight savings ended, I'd ride to the park
But now it's dark when I get home, so biking's on hold for now
I want to go mountain biking someday
But for now, I'll keep practicing on the streets, until that day arrives.

School activites

Seahawk Cyber

I am the current president of the Seahawk Cyber Club at my school, which is a CyberSecurity Club where we do various things such as competitions and learning.


ProgJam is a club which I participate in is called the ProgJam club, where we do programming activities where we have a prompt, and we make something that resembles said prompt.

Middle School Club

An outside of school activity which I do is helping out with teaching Cybersecurity at a Middle School club, every thursday afterschool.

My Linux Journey

The first time that I touched Linux was in 2021
An online friend told me about it, and how amazing it was, too
I installed Fedora, heard it was good for beginners
But I didn't enjoy it much, I needed something more within

So I started distro hopping, trying out every one
Until I landed on the Arch world, where everything was simple and customizeable,
just like they said it'd be
Now I use Manjaro, and I absolutely love Linux
I even use it at school, my laptop's never been so quick